Girl Scouts

Gold Award

My name is Suzanne Fehr. I am a Girl Scout from Waverly, Kansas. I became a Girl Scout in Kindergarten and have remained one through my senior year in high school. This website is part of my Gold Award Project, which is the project a Girl Scout must complete in order to earn her Gold Award.


The Gold Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn. For a Girl Scout to earn her Gold Award, she must complete a project that is sustainable and has a measurable impact on not only the community, but also the world.


My Gold Award Project has been to make this website for the CCGS to display the burial indexes for all of the county’s cemeteries. This website can then help people around the world to find loved ones and relatives buried in Coffey County. In addition to this website, I also designed and built a weather resistant kiosk at the Waverly Cemetery to house a physical version of the Waverly Cemetery Burial Index. I have left the CCGS with the tools and instructions to continue to update and expand this website and maintain the physical directories throughout the county.

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